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Thank you for visiting my blog. It is a little basic at the moment but hopefully it will blossom as I gain in Blog confidence! I am lucky enough to be part of the Simply Handmade By ... team and also make cards for friends and family. Cardmaking has long since been a passion but, if I am honest, it is increasingly becoming an Addiction!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Maiden Post!!!

Pheweee, with a little bit of inspiration from a friend, I have finally set up my very own blog.  Although it is very basic in comparison to others, it's a start and I am actually quite proud of myself.  I have had a lovely day, the girls of "Simply Handmade By ..." had a very productive brainstorming session.  Yet again I am buzzing with new ideas, just need to make the time to put some of them into practice, exciting!!


  1. Welcome to the world of Blogging!!!! Had fun today - my mind is still working overtime. Jess xxxxx

  2. I very nearly changed to the ribbons background yesterday - how spooky!!!

  3. Thanks for my first post Jess, hopefully the first of many! x